Benefits for your brand

Cheerpacks are enjoyable, hygienic and safe packaging solutions for children and adults. It is the most convenient packaging solutions for out-of-home consumption. Gualapack offers integrated packaging solutions, settled of spouted pouches, caps and filling machinery. Its packaging system provides a complete range of filling machines for direct investments and a global co-packer network.

  • Safe: unbreakable, no injury risk, tamper evident, anti-chocking on demand.
  • Hygienic: cap-protected spout.
  • Preservation and long shelf life: oxygen and light barrier; product preservation guaranteed.
  • Multi-sensorial experience: suitable for every age, handy and easy-to-use; colourful and attractive.
  • Light and easy to carry: suitable for both at home and out-of-home activities. Lightweight and resistant packaging solutions.
  • Easy to store and dispose: it fits well in the fridge and in your bag. Flat and light before and after use.
  • Safety and reliability: personalized closure, no risk of 'glass inside glass'.
  • Important marketing lever: attractive and communicative packaging solutions, products of medium/high range, high-quality printing; available in different formats.
  • Convenient and safe filling process: no sealing after filling, low leak rate guaranteed; high performance filling machines; easy and fast format changes.
  • A packaging system with a complete variety of filling lines for several types of treatments: from pilot filling machines for the test phase to intermediate systems and high-rate filling systems.
  • Investment flexibility: several investment options on the machines section, global co-packers network.