Fruit Purees and snacks

Cheerpack is a squeezable, colourful and safe fruit packaging for children. It is the most convenient fruit packaging solution for outdoors consumption.


No risk for injury, tamper evident, anti- choking or innovative cap on demand.


Fun, colourful and attractive packaging that kids love to squeeze.


Cap-protected spout and reclosable packaging.

Easy to Use

For in-home and out- of-home consumption. Resistant. Easy eating: no spoon necessary.

Long Shelf Life

Oxygen and light barrier; product preservation guaranteed.

Easy to Manage

Fits well in the fridge and in your bag. Flat and light after use.

Safety and Reliability

Patented anti-choking cap available on demand.

Global Co-packer Network

Hot filling with pasteurization or sterilization process available.

Marketing Leverage

Ample communication surface, high quality printing, different convenient formats.

Versatile Range of Filling Lines

From 1 to 8 head filling lines. Flexible machines with fast changeover. Proven technology.