New Application

If you're looking for a creative food packaging solution for your brand, the Gualapack system provides a safe, convenient and innovative food pouch. Gualapack believes in your project: let's build together a new success story!


No risk for injury, tamper evident, anti-choking or innovative cap on demand.


Fun, colourful and attractive packaging that babies love to squeeze.


Cap-protected spout and reclosable packaging.

Easy to Use

For in-home and out-of- home consumption. Easy to eat, drink, handle or pour.

Long Shelf Life

Oxygen, moisture and light barrier; product preservation guaranteed.

Easy to Manage

Fits well in the fridge and in your bag. Flat and light after use.

Safety and Reliability

No risk of "glass inside glass". Low leakers rate.

Global Co-packer Network

Ultra Clean, cold filling, hot filling with pasteurization or sterilization process available.

Marketing Leverage

Ample communication surface, high quality printing, different convenient formats.

Versatile Range of Filling Lines

Cold or hot filling process, 1 to 8 heads. Flexible machines with fast changeover. Proven technology.