Baby Food

Cheerpack is an outstanding baby food packaging solution. Our baby food pouch is highly appreciated by the kids and their mothers because it is fun, squeezable and safe.

Consumer life

Safe: unbreakable, no injury risk, tamper evident, anti-choking cap.
Hygienic: cap-protected spout.
Preservation and long shelf life: oxygen and light barrier; product preservation guaranteed.
Multi-sensorial experience: babies love to squeeze and drink. Extremely handy and easy-to-use; a colourful and attractive baby food packaging.

Light and easy to carry: suitable for both at home and out-of-home consumption, this baby food pouch is the ideal choice for every mother (no spoon needed). Lightweight and resistant.
Easy to store and dispose: it fits well in the fridge and in your bag. Flat and light after use.

Gualapack system

Safety and reliability: patented anti-choking cap, no risk of 'glass inside glass'.
Important marketing leverage: attractive and communicative, premium products, high quality printing, available in different formats, especially addressed to baby food packaging. (Babies from stage 1 to toddlers).
Convenient and safe filling process: no sealing after filling, low leak rate guaranteed; high performance filling machines; easy and fast format change.
Complete range of filling lines for retort products: from pilot filling machines for the test phase to intermediate systems and high rate filling systems. Aseptic filling development in progress.
Investments flexibility: several investment options on the machines section, global co-packers network.

Baby food pouch packaging
Find out Gualapack range of Cheerpack, the most enjoyable, hygienic and safe packaging solution for food applications
but not only.